Our partner medical institutions has complete spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic technology including several state of art tecnologies.

256 Slice CT: A 256 Slice brilliance ICT scanner with the ability to capture an image of entire heart in just two seconds.

Bi-plane cath Lab: State of art Bi-plane cardiac cath lab to address cardiac and vascular interventions.

Brain Suite: One of its kind CT based brain suite euipped with intra operative CT for brain and spine.

Time of Flight PET CT: An Installation with time of flight (TOF) reconstruction for exceptional image quality has the ability to detect lesions as small as 0.1 inches.

Fibroscan: An accurate fast and painless altranative to a conventional liver biopsy.

Gamma /knife Radiosurgery:Gamma Knife radiosurgery is a type of radiation therapy used to treat tumors and other abnormalities in the brain.In Gamma Knife radiosurgery, specialized equipment focuses close to 200 tiny beams of radiation on a tumor or other target.The precision of Gamma Knife radiosurgery results in minimal damage to healthy tissues surrounding the target.

Cyber knife Radiosurgery: The world’s first non-invasive whole body radiosurgery system, . CyberKnife is the world’s first robotic radiosurgery system that offers patients new hope in the treatment of tumours and lesions (previously diagnosed as inoperable or untreatable) anywhere in the body with sub-millimetre accuracy.

256 Slice CT

Bi-plane cath Lab

Brain Suite

Gamma /knife Radiosurgery

Cyber knife Radiosurgery